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How You Can Help Drought Affected Australians

As Australia continues to suffer through this most devastating drought and unruly period of utter hardship, conditions continue to worsen, and grief wipes the nation. It is in our blood and at the core of our culture as Aussies to care for our fellow man; when one man suffers, we join shoulders and share the load!

"We've all found ourselves asking - "how can I help?"

Community and camaraderie are values we all cherish, and there is nothing Aussies won’t do to chip in and help their neighbours! But when the peril has been long ongoing and no matter how hard we pray and plead; we cannot bring the rains – we’ve all found ourselves asking “how can I help?”. 

When looking to upgrade your wardrobe, remember that you can make a difference by buying Australian made and/or Australian owned products.

Pizazz Boutique gives women all over Australia the means of supporting drought effected families and towns by buying and supporting Australian labels – Pizazz Boutique believes in fashion that fuses with compassion.

...real women with versatile lives; the very same women who are working and living in these devastating conditions.

Goondiwindi Cotton, and their new sister brand Cloth + Paper + Scissors, are Australian labels that comes straight from the cotton fields of Goondiwindi – a rural town in Queensland. Through their forward-thinking designs and silhouettes Goondiwindi Cotton’s attention to detail positions its labels at the forefront of premium cotton and linen clothing. They truly want you to love the garment you buy, and by doing this you’re sharing that love with those who truly need it, too! Goondiwindi Cotton and Cloth + Paper + Scissors design for real women with versatile lives; the very same women who are working and living in these devastating conditions. Join hands with Pizazz Boutique and support rural Australia by giving back to those who are suffering through the drought.

Other Australian owned and/or operated labels you can support through Pizazz Boutique that will help Australian business and families are: See Saw (100% Australian family owned and operated), Philosophy Australia (Australian owned and operated), Ping Pong (Designed in Melbourne and Australian owned)….when you begin to delve into the wonderful world of Aussie brands and produce the list is not only extensive, but impressive!

If you’re wondering how you can help to lift some weight off the shoulders of those Australian families, livestock and regions affected by the catastrophic drought – set aside a second to do some research before you buy groceries, products or clothes and put your money and love back into those who are desperately in need of it!

For more information on Australian labels and products sold at Pizazz Boutique, contact them on 02 4984 4177 or send an email to

Shop Australian Labels with Pizazz Boutique

Aussie Brands:

         See Saw Clothing

Ethically made ladies clothing, 100% Australian Owned.

CLICK the image to see the collection.

Goondiwindi Cotton
Australian owned, made and operated. Straight out of Goondiwindi, QLD

CLICK the image to see the collection.

Cloth + Paper + Scissors
A beautiful and simplistic cotton range, Australian Made & Owned

CLICK the image to see the collection.

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