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Putting the IG in Des(IG)ual!

What is the No.1 Most Instagram-able brand on the market!? Let's ask Pizazz Boutique!

Indigo Parrish-Wood
Writer, stylist and advocate for living a wondrous life, passionately.

Hello August, we’re all so thrilled to have you stop by!

Your arrival has brought to light that in 4 months we wave goodbye to the 2010’s forever and leap back into the roaring 20’s! Only this time around the fashion is a world away from what it was 100 years ago; there’s far less focus on learning the perfect Charleston and far more focus on getting the perfect Instagram (IG) worthy outfit!!



Well, Pizazz Boutique is ready to have you swinging into the 20’s in style with the Number 1 most Instagram-able label on the market; Desigual. 

Born out of Barcelona (the land of love, light and colour), this exotic brand brings their designs to life with the use of colour, patterns, texture, patchwork and expert hand work that officially puts the IG into Desigual!


Pizazz Boutique not only appreciates the true art of creating the perfect Instagram moment, but also deeply resonates with the vibrance and emotion that Desigual evokes through their fashion! Together this trio goes hand in hand; the ideal label, Boutique and IG outfit are yours for the taking!

Wait up though; fashion isn’t the only thing that has evolved in the past 100 years…lifestyle and ethics have made a major transformation as well! Desigual understands that love should never be polluting and believe in efficiency. Recognising that this revolutionary label has received a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification, Pizazz Boutique jumped on board to support their mission to better our beautiful world and loudly appreciate the ethical and responsible production of Desigual clothing!


Covering your aesthetically pleasing Instagram lifestyle and wardrobe from head-to-toe, Pizazz stocks everything from Desigual denim, jackets, bags, belts, tops and shirts bringing to life an endless array of killer outfit combos! Desigual believe in inclusive fashion that celebrates diversity and is aimed at helping people tell stories; for this very reason Pizazz Boutique is crowning Desigual the Number 1 Instagram-able brand this season!

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Harper Long Sleeve Shirt by Desigual - Pizazz Boutique

Harper Long Sleeve Shirt by Desigual. CLICK to shop with Pizazz Boutique!

Sacha 3/4 Sleeve Shirt by Desigual - Pizazz Boutique

Sacha 3/4 Sleeve Shirt by Desigual. CLICK to shop with Pizazz Boutique!

Maisey Long Sleeve Blouse by Desigual - Pizazz Boutique

Maisey Long Sleeve Blouse by Desigual. CLICK to shop with Pizazz Boutique!

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