Three differently shaped women standing in the sea, proud of their differences.

How To Dress For Your Body Shape

Simple steps to selecting an outfit that flatters your figure!

When the weather warms and the days are longer it's time to flaunt your figure! Spring and Summer are the seasons of endless opportunity and adventure, but the feel good months of warmth and excitement should be felt by our bodies, too! Learn to love and embrace your curves this season by dressing them in a way that honours their individuality and makes you feel empowered! 

The feminine figure is something to be proud of; no matter the shape! When you dress to impress yourself and feel damn good doing it, regardless of what you wear you're going to look phenomenal!

 Here are a few handy tips and simple steps on how to find a balance between highlighting your shape and feeling confidently unstoppable this season!!

Shape 1: The 'Hourglass'

If you're a lady with a proportionate bust and booty separated by a small waist - this is you! For women with the hourglass silhouette you want to draw attention to your wonderful waistline, creating a break between your bust and booty to highlight your killer curves! You can highlight the waist by adding a belt to a relaxed fitting design OR wearing something that draws attention down from the bust with a V neckline and leads into a defined waistline- such as a wrap dress!

Goondiwindi Cotton - Big Buttons Shirt in Sage green linen.


Boho Paisley Printed Wrap Dress


Shape 2: The 'Apple'

All you beautiful ladies out there with a fuller waist and hips; like an apple you're juicy and sweet! To slim a fuller waist we want to create one with a focal point- something like a belt or a tie. This adds a touch of Pizazz to your waist and shows off a bit of bust and booty at the same time, honouring the curves you have and thinning you as well. If drawing attention to the midsection isn't what makes you feel unstoppable, try wearing something that is loose and luxurious like a Kaftan! This draws all attention away from your shape and emphasises your impeccable taste in fashion!

Foil Clothing - Going Native Ruffle Dress - Pizazz Boutique


Clarity - Leopard Print Luxury Kaftan - Pizazz Boutique



Shape 3: The 'Rectangle'

For the wonderful women with a straighter silhouette, we're here to honour your shape with a few quick tips! To give yourself a little more curve try picking Summer dresses with a loose top and accentuated waistline, this way you're creating a flowing silhouette for the eye to run down! If you're not a dress kind of person, try creating the same effect with a top that ties at the waist and a high rise pair of white jeans to keep it fresh and refreshed for the warmer months!! Of course if you love your shape the way it is and don't want to emphasise a waistline, wear something that is A-line, but structured to follow your killer silhouette.

Lula Life - Marco Strapless Dress - Floral Boho Maxi Dress - Pizazz Boutique


Boho Tie Up Crop Top - Mustard Yellow - Pizazz Boutique


Lula Life - Heron Middy Dress - Boho Style Summer Dress - Pizazz Boutique


Shape 4: The 'Pear'

Ladies, we're talking about that 'Kim Kardashian' silhouette; a small waist and a bodacious booty! Approach the warmer months with your beautiful body shape by wearing a fitted high waisted denim skirt to show off that fantastic fuller figure and highlight your smaller waist! If you'd rather draw attention away from your booty, emphasise your tiny waist and bust by adopting an 'empire' waistline; something V neck that is fitted under the bust. You can also create an hourglass look by wearing an off-the-shoulder design that will balance your bust with your hips and booty.


Lula Life - Fitzroy Dress - Ocean - Cotton - Pizazz Boutique


Off the shoulder top with florals - Pizazz Boutique

Shape 5: The 'Inverted Triangle'

This is often known as the 'sporty silhouette'...strong, proud shoulders that follow down to a smaller waist and hips. To make this spectacular body shape shine try wearing items with a V neck and/or back; this will draw the eye down instead of across, stopping you from looking broad or imbalanced. If you love your proud shoulders, try a thin strap, otherwise a sleeve takes your eye away from the line of the collarbones. 

Naudic - Eva Camisole - Boho Singlet - Pizazz Boutique

Lula Soul - Olympia Dress - Cotton Linen - Pizazz Boutique

Berlin - Deco Georgette Kaftan - Pizazz Boutique


Every body shape is a body that deserves to be worshiped!

Pizazz Boutique is here to help you honour your curves this season and walk into the warmer months looking AND feeling confident! With personal styling experts available to bring your dreams to life in store and over the phone, Pizazz can put together items or whole head-to-toe outfits that will have you Summer Body Ready!

Celebrate your unique femininity and love all they you've got with Pizazz and their Boutique wardrobe.


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