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    22 products

    22 products

    Hammill and Co Sweats, Track Pants, T Shirts Plus More!

    Hammill and Co is all about comfort, fit and high quality fabrics in oversized shapes with cool prints! The styles designed by Hammill & Co are comfy and easy to wear featuring raw edges, wider necklines and slouchy fits! Add a touch of Pizazz to your life with Hammill and Co.

    Cat Hammill's eponymous sweat label designs pieces with as many colours as possible, yet she manages to make each one look stylish. The colourful clothes from this Melbourne designer are fun and vibrant—perfect for a life that has some whimsy to it.

    Cat’s design philosophy is “sparking joy” and this sentiment shines through in her bright, colourful collection of relaxed and fitted sweatsjumpers  t shirts and tank tops.

    Sustainable & Ethical clothing 

    This is a company that takes every aspect of its design and production process seriously, from the environment to the factories where it's produced to the end consumer. Underneath all that? Simplicity! The kind of simplicity you can see in each curve and line on any Hammill and Co product. They really take care of every detail.

    Designing for a sustainable future is something that the Hammill & Co team sees as an essential responsibility. Cat Hammill is committed to always staying on top of any latest environmental trends, producing goods with minimal environmental impact.

    The team knows that consumers are becoming more and more aware of the environmental impact of their clothing, but it's hard to find high-quality clothes made ethically. Hammill & Co is a small company with a big mission - a goal to provide quality, stylish clothing without harming people or the environment in any way. 

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    Cat's garments mirror her creative vision - bright, sassy and always on the lookout for a joke. So browse her range today and be inspired.