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Top 6 Mother of the Bride Outfit Trends for 2024


Welcome to Pizazz Boutique, your premier destination for exquisite women's clothing in Australia. With a passion for fashion and an eye for elegance, we specialise in ladies' clothing that captures the essence of sophistication and style. We are experts in womens wear and we are thrilled to present our curated guide to the "Top 6 Mother of the Bride Outfit Trends for 2024."

At Pizazz Boutique, we understand the significance of the mother of the bride's role and her desire to look and feel her absolute best on this special day. With a diverse range of brands including Frank Lyman, Zailea, Romance, Layla Jones, and Jesse Harper, we have the perfect ensemble to suit every woman's taste. Whether you're in Australia or beyond, our selection of women's clothing reflects the epitome of elegance, making you the second star of the show.

Now, let's delve into the world of fashion and discover the ten remarkable trends that are set to define the mother of the bride outfits in 2024.


Classic Elegance with a Modern Twist

In 2024, we are witnessing a revival of classic elegance with a modern twist. Frank Lyman's collection beautifully exemplifies this trend, offering timeless silhouettes and impeccable tailoring. Picture a stunning A-line gown with delicate lace details or a two-piece outfit with a contemporary edge. The key here is to embrace timeless sophistication while incorporating a touch of the present.

Lisbeth Dress - Cream                                  

Gina Off The Shoulder Dress Off the shoulder dress in white front view with an orange hem and florals

Elizabeth Dress                      Blue Frank Lyman Dress With Puff Sleeves Front View


Ethereal Florals and Soft Pastels

As we step into the world of mother of the bride outfits, we're greeted by a bloom of ethereal florals and soft pastels. We have a selection of beautiful gowns from designers known for their exquisite floral designs. Think about a floor-length dress adorned with delicate floral embroidery or a pastel-hued ensemble that exudes grace and femininity. This trend celebrates the essence of spring and the beauty of nature.

Glacier Dress                             white dress with blue flowers front view

Yvette Dress                           Frank Lyman Dress black front view with floral details 

Violet Puff Dress                 Frank Lyman floral puff dress front view



Statement Sleeves for a Dramatic Entrance

For those who wish to make a dramatic entrance, the trend of statement sleeves is here to fulfil that desire. Romance, a brand that knows how to play with sleeves, offers an array of options. Imagine a gown with billowing bishop sleeves or a chic pantsuit with oversized statement cuffs. These sleeves are not just a fashion statement; they're a work of art.

Sage Flute Sleeve Dress             womens sage dress with flute sleeves front view 

Elegant Silk Dress                  woman in a green dress with long sleeves front view


Bold Metallic Accents

2024 brings forth the allure of bold metallic accents, and Jess Harper is at the forefront of this trend. Picture a mother of the bride outfit with shimmering gold or silver embellishments, adding a touch of opulence and glamour. These metallic elements catch the light and create a truly enchanting effect, perfect for those who want to stand out.

Liana Dress                                           Jesse Harper Evening Wear Australia beaded gown front on view
Belle Beaded Dress                 emerald green dress short sleeve to the knee front view
Olympia Sequin Dress.           Claret beaded sequin dress from Jess Harper front view 


Luxurious Velvet

Velvet has always been synonymous with luxury, and in 2024, it's making a significant comeback. Embraces this trend with plush velvet gowns and throws. The rich texture and deep hues of velvet create a regal look that's perfect for a sophisticated mother of the bride.


Gema dress                            off the shoulder dress in black velvet front view

Addison Maxi                          One shoulder maxi dress in wine colour from Romance front view with one full sleeve


Chic Jumpsuits

For mothers of the bride seeking a modern and chic alternative to traditional dresses, jumpsuits are gaining popularity. From sleek and tailored designs to flowy, wide-legged options, the versatility of jumpsuits knows no bounds. Explore our collection to find the perfect jumpsuit that suits your style and the occasion.

Tilly Jumpsuit                         Green jumpsuit front view with flowing sleeves

Diamante Jumpsuit                one shoulder jumpsuit with a flared leg and shoulder, blue with a white stripe by Frank Lyman

Classic Jumpsuit                    


How to Incorporate These Trends into Your Look

Now that you've discovered the top 10 mother of the bride outfit trends for 2024, it's time to put this knowledge into action. Our expert stylists at Pizazz Boutique can help you seamlessly incorporate these trends into your look. Feel free to reach out for personalised advice and styling tips.

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In 2024, the world of mother of the bride fashion is vibrant, diverse, and full of possibilities. These top 6 trends offer a glimpse into the exciting choices available for this special occasion. At Pizazz Boutique, we are dedicated to helping you find the outfit that not only matches these trends but also reflects your unique style and personality.

Thank you for joining us on this fashion journey. We look forward to being a part of your unforgettable moments as you celebrate your loved one's wedding day in style and elegance.

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