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      Rubyyaya celebrates the duo’s love of travel and artisanal products while promoting fair creative practices. Rubyyaya is designed to offer countless combinations of effortless elegance. The Rubyyaya brand targets an attitude rather than age and offers a refreshing sense of escape!

      Experience relaxed luxury with Rubyyaya

      Rubyyaya is all about loving life. If you revel in luxury, relaxation, and freedom, this collection is for you!

      With eccentric floral patterns and bold colours, our Rubyyaya collection inspires memories of sipping cool mojitos on the beach on a warm summer’s day. The brand’s distinctively loose, comfortable fabrics are perfect for exploring the countryside, enjoying a quick brunch with the girls, or hitting the city streets for a day in the sun.

      Whatever you’re looking for—be it a fresh new coat, unique accessories, or a flowy summer dress—you’ll find your next wardrobe staple in this collection.

      Freedom and fairness

      Rubyyaya proudly invests in fair labour, doing its part for a better world.

      Originating in Australia, the brand has now expanded around the world, promoting fair labour practices and effortless elegance across Norway, Brazil, Dubai, New Zealand, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Greece, Canada, South Africa, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Sweden, and Mauritius.

      Designs for all ages and body types

      Rubyyaya's designs transcend age groups and body types. Whoever you are and wherever you are in the world, you’ll enjoy the free-flowing feel of the brand’s floral dresses and loose, vibrant tops.

      For an easy style update, pair your new Rubyyaya dress with a woven, Bohemian-inspired handbag or a pair of glamorous oversized sunglasses. You’ll be the talk of the town as soon as you step out the door!

      As the sun sinks behind the trees and the cool air rises, a Rubyyaya jacket will keep you cosy and comfortable. Made from high-quality fabrics and embellished with gorgeous Bohemian embroidery, Rubyyaya’s jackets are sure to inspire compliments wherever you go.

      If you’re looking for a show-stopping accessory to highlight your figure (and bring those “where did you get that from?!” questions flowing in), try one of Rubyyaya’s beautiful belts.

      Available in both herringbone and natural designs, Rubyyaya’s stunning belts are the perfect way to take your outfit to the next level. Cool, charming, and effortless—that’s what this brand is all about.

      Breathe easy

      Rubyyaya’s fabrics are light and breathable, creating beautiful, free-flowing lines as you take the world by storm. Perfect for lounging around the resort on your next holiday!

      The brand’s mini, midi, and maxi dresses feature elegant, cooling fabrics, like rayon. Rayon combines purified cellulose fibres, normally derived from wood pulp.

      Because of rayon’s moisture-absorbent and breathable nature, it’s the perfect choice for summer wear. We recommend gently machine washing your Rubyyaya rayon dresses to maintain shape and comfort. 

      Designed in Australia

      Eclectic and passionate Australian fashion experts designed Rubyyaya’s stunning range of dresses, shirts, and accessories. As such, you can be sure each item’s design holds the Australian climate in mind, catering to everything from our blistering hot summers to our temperate, windy winters.

      Experience sophistication today

      So, if you’re ready to experience ultimate coolness, comfort, and style, start browsing our Rubyyaya collection below. You’re sure to find a style that suits your unique personality and lifestyle.