Layering Tips To Keep You Cozy And Chic Through The Cold

Layering Tips To Keep You Cozy And Chic Through The Cold

When it comes to winter style, few things are more important than knowing how to layer. First and foremost, layering keeps you warm in chilly conditions, but it can also help you look undeniably chic.  

Though layers are possible on your bottom half, they're usually only necessary for winter sports outings, such as skiing or snowboarding. Instead, most people search for chic tops that look incredible when layered and alone!  


Understanding How to Layer for Style 

There are two main benefits to layering your outfits when the weather cools down. First, it lets you stay warm and cosy when you're out in the chill. Second, you can utilise the pieces you typically wear during the warmer months, making your entire wardrobe more versatile.  


It seems like layering involves taking a bunch of random clothing items and putting them on top of one another, but to create casual chic looks, layering becomes a little more involved. While there might be a different technique for layering your clothing to appear pulled together, it's not difficult, and layer by layer, we'll show you how.  

First Layer 

Layering your clothes for winter begins with the first layer. Your first layer should be form-fitting without being uncomfortable. You'll want it to hug your body well, and it can be as simple as your favourite tank top or short-sleeved shirt, and now you can see how layering makes for a flexible wardrobe.   


You can choose long sleeves for your first layer, but you'll want to ensure it's breathable and light. You'll only be able to see a small portion of this layer under your other clothing, so it's up to you if you'd like it to match. We recommend choosing a neutral shade. 


If it's going to be extremely cold and you'll be outside the entire time you're away, choose a thermal option that fits nicely under chic sweaters. Please don't give it too much thought; you can always remove or add layers as needed.  


Middle Layer 

Your middle layer is where you can begin to get creative. You can utilise vests, sweaters, chic blouses, crop tops, button-down shirts, cardigans, and blazers for your mid-layer! It's typical for you to show more of your middle layer, so now is the time to think about bringing in the colours, patterns, and textures you love.  


Your middle layer item should fit you well and be comfortable when wearing it over your base layer without restricting movement. If it's going to be exceptionally chilly, there's no need to stop at one middle layer.  


A chic tunic can bring your mid-layer to the next level, and it usually works best when your first middle layer isn't open in the front. For instance, if you have a collared, knotted, button-down layer over your first tank top layer, adding a cardigan or a tunic creates workable, contrasting layers that shine.   


Outer Layer 

Your outer layer should be something you like to wear often, as it's usually a substantial investment, such as a coat, jacket, or trench coat. In milder temperatures, a poncho, shawl, or vest will work. Your outer layer will be the most prominent piece and tie all your layers together.  


When choosing your outer layer, and you likely have more than one option, consider its length as it relates to all the other layers you're wearing. Choosing a long outer layer is the path most people take, but it's possible for a cropped jacket to work too! It all depends on the length and look of your base and mid-layers.  


For chic layering, you'll want to leave your top layer open to expose the layers below, so ensure your supporting layers will keep you warm. Consider the fit of your final piece and how it hangs on your body, as styling yourself in classy winter layers is all about clothing proportion and balance.  


Generally, slim, sleek bottoms are appropriate when wearing many layers. Keep your top layers form-fitting if you've got on wide-leg trousers or snow pants. Remember, you can layer chicly regardless of your plans. From sledding to shopping, there's a way to layer without sacrificing style.  


Accentuate with Accessories 

You can easily add to the chicness of your layered look by adding weather-friendly accessories! Once all of your layers are in place, you can begin to forage through your things for scarves, hats, bags, and jewellery to complement what you're wearing.  


Accessories bring eye-catching shine and texture, acting as conversation starters and the perfect addition to layering. You can never go wrong with a beautiful pair of leather or vegan leather gloves, and if your outfit consists of many solid colours, you could let a plaid, patterned or striped scarf hang down on each side.  


Chunky knits top-off layered looks perfectly, primarily when those looks are very tailored on top. A scarf or beanie will leave you looking cozy and oh-so chic. In short, the possibilities for combining accessories with your layered look are endless.  


We suggest you play with it a bit, incorporating textures, mixing up patterns, colour-blocking, or even taking the monochromatic route while staying true to your personal style. Like anything, layering for style takes practice, but it won't be long before you embrace what works for you.  


Find Your Ideal Layers 

Chic layering begins with finding layering pieces that are true to your personal style while providing warmth, texture, and a proper fit. You have to start your layering journey by choosing pieces you genuinely love, and Pizazz Boutique has an endless collection of base, middle, and outer layers, with plenty of accessories to boot! 


If you've felt a little lost staying warm and effortlessly stylish in the cooler seasons, we promise you're not alone. Layering your clothing for winter does not mean adding endless bulk and uncomfortable, heavy items. Instead, it's all about streamlining, mixing, and matching to find the ideal components and then expanding on that style over time.  

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