The Ultimate Guide To Jeans: Styles To Die For

The Ultimate Guide To Jeans: Styles To Die For

Shopping for jeans that fit well can be a challenge. Various trendy jeans are making the rounds today, from skinnies and boyfriend cuts, to flared and wide legs. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, you need to educate yourself regarding different types of denim and how they tend to fit.  


Of course, everyone has different preferences and body types, so finding cute jeans for women is rarely a linear process. If you're in desperate need of new jeans, it can help to explore jean types before you begin shopping.  


This guide will lead you through different styles of denim and how they typically fit. Remember that no manufacturers are the same, so leave room for variations, read purchase reviews, and try before you buy whenever possible.  


Discovering Your Perfect Cut 

When we discuss the cut of a jean, we're referring to the shape of the leg. That could be skinny, flared, bootcut, or straight, among others. The rise of a jean pertains to where the waistband sits on your body.  


This guide will cover the popular jean types and how they usually fit. It's rare for one style of jeans to fit every person the same way, even if you're the same height, size, and build as the person in the next fitting room. Still, it helps to have a general direction to decide where to begin.  

  1. Skinny Jeans 

Skinny jeans have reigned supreme for quite some time now, and though other styles have come in and stolen a little of the spotlight, you still can't go wrong with a solid, not-too-tight skinny. 


Some people might refer to skinny jeans as "cigarette jeans" or "skinnies", and they're cut in a way that keeps them form-fitting throughout the entire leg, from the hip to the ankle. While the original skinny jeans were typically very tight without much give, modern skinnies are usually made with a little stretch so the wearer can move.  




  1. Straight-Leg Jeans 

Though many shoppers confuse straight-leg jeans for skinny jeans, the differences are distinct. Jeans with a straight cut usually have a less form-fitting and more "up-and-down" fit throughout the leg. 


While skinny jeans always hug the body, straight-leg jeans can be on the baggier side and usually make the best mom jeans. Boyfriend, slim-fit, and relaxed-fit jeans can all be straight-cut. Straight-leg jeans might appear skinny on the rack in some cases, but once you put them on, you'll realise a much straighter seam.    




  1. Bootcut Jeans 

Bootcut jeans are never to be confused with flare or wide-leg jeans, though it does happen. Bootcut jeans might be the perfect jean for you if you love to wear ankle boots or booties.  


You can recognise a bootcut jean by the slight flare at the ankle, making it super easy for them to fit over boots. Bootcuts are one of those jean trends that were huge in the late 90s and early 2000s and have made their way back into the spotlight.  

  1. Flared (Bell-Bottom) Jeans 

Flared jeans, also known as the bell-bottom jeans, were a well-loved 60s and 70s fashion icon, and they came back around in the late 90s and early 2000s. They went out for a bit when the skinnies came to town, but we're thrilled to announce that they're back and better than ever.  


Flared jeans have a super snug fit through the hip and thigh, down to the knee. The cut flares out, sometimes drastically, to the ankle at the base of the knee; hence the title "flared".  


In the early 2000s, flared jeans were notoriously low-rise, but today, you can find them in pretty much any rise, including mid and high. You can dress flared jeans up or down, as they go just as well with sneakers and a tee as with sweaters and heels.  

  1. Wide-Leg Jeans 

Modern wide-leg jeans bring style and chicness to the table if you know how to wear them! You can immediately recognise a wide-leg jean by looking at the cut.  


Classic wide-leg jeans are cut wide down the entire leg and tend to fit snugly in the hip and then flare at the mid-thigh, continuing down the jean's leg. Though sometimes confused, wide-leg and flared jeans are different in that flares have more of an hourglass shape, while wide-legs are more triangular.  


Wide-leg jeans get super wide at the ankle, just like flares, but the progression is more gradual. Wide-leg jeans look fantastic with cropped cardigans and oversized hoodies alike.  




Determining Your Ideal Rise 


When jean shopping, knowing the distinct rises and where they sit can be helpful for weeding out the jeans you don't want. Most people have a preferred rise, and any of the above cuts can come in each rise. Knowing which cut and rise you like can assist you in narrowing down your options.  


Also lovingly known as high-waisted jeans, the high-rise jean sits at your natural waist, either above or at your belly button. High-rise jeans are adored by women everywhere, as they're comfortable, and they pair incredibly well on everyone with a tucked-in tee or a crop top.  


Mid-rise jeans sit between your waist and your hips, hitting about an inch below your belly button. Mid-rise jeans will feel odd if you're used to high-waisted or low-rise fits, but they definitely have their place in modern fashion, primarily when it comes to the partial tuck-in of a sweater or flannel shirt.  

Low-Rise Jeans 

Low-rise jeans were the epitome of fashion in the 2000s, and they're seeing another surge in popularity twenty years later. Low-rise styles sit a few inches below your belly button, at your hips, or below.  


Possibly the most controversial of all jean trends, some people are thrilled to see low-rise jeans again, while others wish they'd disappear. Whatever your take, they sure do look cute with booties and an oversized sweater or long-sleeve tee.  




Finding Your Ideal Fit 

With so many types of jeans available, finding the perfect fit for you can be overwhelming. However, fully comprehending the various cuts, rises, and how they're intended to fit can be highly beneficial concerning where you start and what you try.  


Starting your denim journey is easy at Pizazz Boutique. Discover the dozens of styles waiting to find their way into your wardrobe today! 

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