What To Wear For A Pear Shaped Body Type

What To Wear For A Pear Shaped Body Type

Dressing in a way that flatters your body shape can be an excellent way to boost your confidence, whether you're dressing casually, for work or a formal event. If you have a pear-shaped body type, it can be challenging to figure out what looks good on you based on mannequins or online images alone.

In this guide, we cover how to identify if you have a pear figure, how to style a pear shape, and some of the most flattering clothing types for you:


What is a pear figure?

Women with a pear shape body typically have a wider lower half than their torso – leading to the illusion of a pear-like shape to their body. If you carry weight mostly around your hips and lower half below your waist, you might be a pear shape. Pear shapes can be anything from relatively slight with a small measurement difference between the upper and lower body and more noticeable where there is a more significant difference between the bust, waist, and hip measurements.

The characteristics of a pear figure

A pear-shaped figure has several different characteristics that make up that signature shape. These include:
  • Shoulders that are narrower and smaller in proportion to your hips
  • A small torso and top half, often with a smaller bust size
  • A defined waist that cinches in over the hips for a more exaggerated silhouette
  • Full hips and broadness to the bottom half
  • Thicker or more muscular thighs that taper into the lower legs
  • Weight gain primarily around the hips, thighs and lower stomach area

If most of these characteristics apply to you, you might identify best with a pear shape. While there's no such thing as strict rules in fashion, our guide covers some clothing types and styling choices that accentuate and flatter your body type specifically. We've covered all you need to know about styling a pear-shaped body below.


How to style your pear figure

If you have a pear figure, careful styling can help balance your shape and create a look that accentuates the parts you want to show off the most. Some of our top tips for styling your pear figure include:

Add more volume to your upper body

Adding additional volume and floaty materials to the upper body can be an effective yet simple way to help balance out a shape if you are larger on the hips and tights. By adding additional material and extra interest to your shoulders and upper torso, it's possible to draw attention away from areas you'd prefer to emphasise less.

De-emphasise the hips and thighs

If you'd prefer your hips and thighs not to take all of the attention, styling them to fade into the background is an excellent choice. Simple neutrals and dark tones are good ways to draw the eye elsewhere and help make the most of the rest of your body without focusing too much on the widest parts.

Draw the eye with colours and patterns

Colours, patterns, and light and bright tones are ideal for attracting the eye to specific areas of the body. Whether you love colourful, busy designs or you prefer a vibrant block colour, utilising colours and patterns can attract attention in all the right places. Using colour on your upper torso, chest, and shoulders can help to provide the balance you're looking for.

Accentuate your best features

One of the characteristics of the pear shape is a nipped-in waist and delicate upper body. Drawing attention to all of the right assets can be a powerful way to build your confidence. Opting for separates or dresses with a defined waist and more interest or detail to the top can be an excellent way to help your waist appear smaller and make the most of your narrower upper body.


The best clothing types for your pear figure

Best tops for a pear figure

When shopping for tops, you want to keep balance in mind. As the narrowest part of your body, you want to widen and add volume to your torso by using wide necklines such as off-shoulder, cowl, or bateau shapes.

Best jackets for a pear figure

If you have a pear figure, the last thing you want to do is add volume in the wrong places. Cropped jackets make the most of that nicely tucked-in waistline, while longline jackets offer an alternative that skims over the widest area.

Best coats for a pear figure

Straight, boxy or up-and-down coats do nothing for a pear figure. Instead, pick a style with interest up top, such as a collar, and cinch in that waist nicely for added definition. A fuller shape to the bottom in a trench or wrap helps to accentuate all the right areas.

Best trousers for a pear figure

Trousers that balance out the hips and take attention from the broadest area are your best friend. Boot cut and flared trousers add volume to balance out the legs, while high-rise trousers nicely skim over the wider areas while adding waist definition.

Best jeans for a pear figure

Skinny fit jeans aren't ideal for pear figures, leading to an unbalanced appearance. Instead, opt for wide-leg or high-rise jeans to make the most of your narrower areas while also balancing out the legs for a universally flattering finish.

Best skirts for a pear figure

Skirts that nip in at the waist and flare out are the best friends of anyone with a pear-shaped figure. Step away from skirts that hug your hips, and opt for an a-line, panelled or full skirt to achieve a more uniform and balanced look.

Best dresses for a pear figure

If you want to make the most of your figure, opting for high waists and tightness in the top is an excellent way to go. A-line and wrap dresses skim your wider hips while showing off your waist and torso, achieving a timeless look that balances you perfectly.

Best shorts for a pear figure

Wide-legged and high-rise shorts are the perfect match for pear-shaped bodies. If you want to draw attention away, opt for darker denim and un-patterned fabric while adding additional interest to your top half for a balanced result.

Best jumpsuits/playsuits for a pear figure

The best jumpsuits or playsuits for pear-shaped bodies add volume on top without clinging to the bottom. Instead of narrow necklines and slim legs, switch it up with flare or wide-leg jumpsuits to accentuate your best areas.

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