Travelling Abroad | Tips for Choosing Summer Dresses

Travelling Abroad | Tips for Choosing Summer Dresses

It’s almost winter in Australia but elsewhere, things are just getting hotter. And I mean, literally. If you’re travelling across the globe, you’ll clearly needs to upgrade her wardrobe and choose dresses appropriate for the location. Choosing summer dresses is not just a matter of style. To feel great wearing your summer dress, you also need to take into consideration the colour, material, and even the activities you are going to do while wearing your dress.

This is especially true when planning for a trip abroad. It is a universally-acknowledged fact that apart from planning your activities on your trip abroad, you also need to strategize when choosing the wardrobe you are to going to take. Do not make the mistake of over-packing or under-packing.

Look your best on all days of your summer trip abroad by being smart with your summer dress choices!

Useful tips for choosing summer dresses

With the bountiful amount of summer dresses you can find in boutiques, shopping centres, and the internet, it can be quite challenging to choose just a few summer dresses. There is a wide range of styles and cuts of dresses from all around the world, and you have access to those thanks to the beauty of online shopping and international delivery. With online shopping, you only need smart budgeting and creativity to get a good haul.

Do you want to upgrade your summer dress wardrobe for your trip abroad? Heed these tips for choosing summer dresses now and see how we can help you choose the best summer dress for the occasion!

· Choose bright, light, and lively colours.

When you think of summer dresses, the first thing that would come to mind is definitely going to be light, bright, and colourful patterns and prints. Summer wardrobes are all about bright outfits. They give off an aura of fun and excitement, perfect for people who want to enjoy their summer trip abroad.

However, choosing lively colours is not just recommended for aesthetic reasons. As summer temperatures are usually high, you need clothes that are designed to make you feel fresh. Dark-coloured clothes absorb heat, which means that you will experience even hotter temperatures if you wear such colours. Conversely, bright-coloured attire reflects heat, making you feel lighter and fresher, even under a wave of summer heat.

If you are looking for a colourful summer dress, you might be interested in the Inoa Sevillia Havanna Dress. This hand-made dress offers a fine print with a tie-up shoulder strap featuring crystals and beading in front and back. For a simpler short summer dress, you can also choose the more low-key Nemuki Geisha Girl White Embroidered Dress. While this may not be as colourful as other dresses, its light colour and 100% cotton material certainly makes it a comfortable summer dress choice. Choose colour and lightness when you shop for dresses at Pizazz Boutique!

· Avoid materials that are not suitable for summer heat.

Summer dresses come in various types of materials, and all of them feature designs that are colourful and otherworldly. However, while the style of the dress should be a factor when choosing your summer dress, another top priority should also be the dress’ material.

Summer in an unfamiliar territory can be hotter than expected, especially if you are visiting countries nearer to the equator. You should make yourself feel more comfortable with summer-approved materials like cotton and silk. As much as possible, avoid dresses made with nylon or polyester. While there are heaps of beautiful dress styles made with these materials, you will be sweating a ton under your dress if you choose to go for these.

Searching for a dress with a summer-approved material? Look no further and browse through our wide collection. One of the summer dresses we recommend is the Ruby YaYa Verano White Dress. This incredible crochet lace knit dress is the perfect dress for your summer getaway. With its additional tassel and fringing detail, you can definitely see why this is a stylish option. What’s even better is this dress is made with 100% cotton, giving you a fresh summer experience in style!

Another contender is this Lula Soul Confetti White Dress. This summer dress has thin shoulder straps and colourful embroidery that certainly screams fun and playful. With its 100% Rayon material, a fresh and charming summer dress is finally within reach!

· Select dresses with styles and cuts you are comfortable with.

Above everything else, you need to feel good about what you are wearing. If you are going to travel in an unfamiliar tropical climate abroad, you should wear a dress that feels comfortable and safe. Women have varying taste when it comes to dress styles and designs. While some may fancy shorter dresses with thin straps, other may prefer summer dresses with a safer and more conservative design.

No matter what you prefer, you always have options when it comes to summer dresses. You have heaps of styles to choose from! If you are fine with lightweight fabrics and a relaxed style, the Kalypso Misha Swing Dress might be good for you. If maxi dresses make you feel comfortable, then the Ruby Yaya’s Crochet Sayonara Maxi Dress will keep you looking fresh and comfortable for more formal or stylish summer activities. If you want a simpler and cleaner crinkle-cotton summer dress with a trimmed and delicate hemline, Lula Soul’s Ibiza White Slip could be just the dress you need. There really is no limit to your dress style options if you just look!

Let us help you find the perfect dress for your summer getaway abroad

You do not need to sacrifice comfort just to find beautiful and stylish dresses for your summer trip abroad. You have the privilege of having an extensive selection of dresses to choose from with just a click thanks to the introduction of the online shopping experience.

Find the perfect summer dress now with our useful tips! Taking your dresses’ colour, prints, materials, styles, and cuts into consideration will help you find a good summer dress that does not just look good, but also feels great and comfortable.

Looking for that perfect dress? Now is the best time to find dresses ON SALE at Pizazz Boutique.



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