It's all about FOIL!

It's all about FOIL!


When life calls for living, Pizazz Boutique answers with Foil.

Brought to life on the humble and picturesque shores of New Zealand, designer clothing label Foil has proven season upon season that in the global mecca of ladies’ fashion they are one to be remembered!

At the centre of Foil clothing is the driving motivation to encompass the ever-evolving lifestyle of the modern woman. Through their unforgettable designs and powerful impression in the world of fashion, Foil works only with the highest quality fabrics ranging from cotton to linen, merino and more to bring to life a range of clothing that covers all occasions, ages and body shapes. It is their undying passion and spectacular vision that has seen Foil not only pave their way in the fashion world, but also unite women from all over the world creating a community of ladies inspired as much by their clothes as Foil is by them.

Sharing a passion for quality, style and cut, Pizazz Boutique have long loved everything that Foil clothing brings to the table. Having started their beautiful journey with Foil when it was first launched in Australia many years ago, Pizazz buyers Trina and Dee have backed this flawless brand season after season knowing that once a woman has been introduced to Foil, it becomes more than just a label; but a way of life.

 Ranging in everything from cardigans to dresses for your special events and covering everything in between there is no occasion that Foil doesn’t cater for! Brought forward into the modern wardrobe, Foil sees your favourite classic cuts from all decades reinvented through prints, colours and quality fabrics that wash and wear unlike any other! Their iconic soft wear pants are renowned for their convenience and longevity making them your ultimate light weight travel companion for endless memory making! Foil understands that with life comes unpredictability and regardless of whether it is challenging or exciting it’s always nice to know that your wardrobe is consistent!

 Through their fashion innovation and inspiration driven by you, the modern woman, Foil creates a world within your wardrobe built on authentic comfort and magnetic design.

If you haven’t already indulged in the world of Foil, Pizazz Boutique would be honoured to introduce you to what they are proud to call one of their greatest and longest loved in store and online labels.

 For all your multi seasonal Foil fantasies, make use of their in-store stylists and shop Pizazz Boutique in store and online.  

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