How To Take Your Loungewear To The Next Level

How To Take Your Loungewear To The Next Level

Loungewear and comfortably casual outfits have become an anchor of modern fashion. As we usher in a new era of careers that include everything from fashion and fitness influencers to working traditional office jobs remotely, it's become essential to know how to dress comfortably and somewhat professionally without staying in your pyjamas all day.  


Loungewear is currently at the height of casual outfits for women. As more and more manufacturers catch onto the fact that lounge and athleisure lines aren't going anywhere anytime soon, new pieces and trends have emerged that allow you to appear pulled together while remaining comfortable.  


While there are many options available, it would help if you had an idea of putting together cute casual outfits with the loungewear you currently have in your closet. This article will cover tips and tricks that will allow you to take your most comfortable pieces (and some new ones) to a whole new level.  


Pair Cozy Pieces with Casual Jewellery 

You can easily elevate the look of your loungewear with a few pieces of your favourite toned-down casual jewellery. It's incredible how joggers and a plain white t-shirt can look like a whole new outfit just by adding a pair of gold hoops or stone drop earrings 


Stacked bracelets or beaded pieces bring a giant oversized sweatshirt or boyfriend cut flannels up a notch. When it comes to choosing jewellery pieces to go with loungewear, make sure you stick to basics that won't overcome the relaxed, laid-back fit of your casual attire for women.  




Choose a Pulled-Together Hairstyle 

You don't have to go over-the-top elegant regarding your loungewear hairstyle, but it does help to rock a gorgeous hairstyle if you want to make a statement with your more comfortable clothing items. The whole purpose of taking your loungewear to the next level is to create the perfect balance between polished and relaxed.  


Please don't misunderstand, we're not saying you must forgo your messy bun entirely. We love the messy bun! However, we recommend pulling it back to the nape of your neck or turning it into a carefully executed ponytail. Adding a braided headband or wrapping a piece of hair around to hide your hair tie are beautiful additions to the perfect sleek, sassy, but casual hair. 


Add Tailored Outerwear 

Pulling off casual fashion for women means adding a few tailored pieces now and then. One of our favourite ways to level up your loungewear is to pair it with tailored elements, such as outerwear.  


Possibly one of the most popular interpretations of this strategy is to add a long trench coat over a sweat or workout set. Make sure you choose neutral, easy-to-coordinate colours for your outer layer, so you can successfully keep your look completely streamlined and utterly elegant while remaining comfortable and warm, if necessary.  


Tossing a fitted blazer over a well-loved hoodie is another way to help your loungewear appear dressier. This is a fashion trick well-known by men, but women have begun to gravitate toward it over the past decade! It always results in a timeless, fashion-forward, layered look.  




Make it a Bold Lip 

Adding a bold lip colour to your casual but cute outfits can really kick things up a notch. From hot pinks to deep reds, bright or dark lipstick will pull your matching athleisure or sweatsuit together like you never expected.  


The combination of a bold lip and a sleek, messy bun at the nape of your neck is a surefire way to scream, "I have it all together" while wearing your loungewear. Remember, lounge clothes aren't frowned upon in a social or casual business setting as they once were. Loungewear is likely your go-to if you work remotely, but you never have to dress down your entire look.  


Consider a Chunky Heel 

We completely understand that nothing goes with loungewear quite like a fresh pair of sneakers, and while we can't deny that combination is classic, have you considered wearing a heel? Hear us out.  


For something unexpected, grab a pair of chunky heeled combat boots or platform sneakers and add them to your favourite loungewear sweatpants. The pairing seems counterintuitive initially, but celebrity style icons like Rihanna have rocked it seamlessly. You can too! 


When you mix sweats and heels, keep in mind that you have to balance out the oversized appearance of your sweatpants. If you're taking the heel route (which you should try at least once), stick to a boot or an eye-catching heeled sneaker to start! 




The Trusty Mix and Match 

One of the most effective ways to heighten the look of your loungewear is to mix elevated pieces, such as a perfectly pleated skirt with a hoodie or flared yoga pants with a gorgeous cowl or turtleneck sweater. You can try whatever you'd like, but the mix and match bring "high" and "low" fashion together to offer super chic vibes with an effortless touch.  


Also, a solid mix-and-match will bring you from your home office to cocktails with friends. It's a great way to begin experimenting with elevating your loungewear, making it work for you in every avenue of your life.  


Revitalize Your Loungewear Look 

The same lounge and athleisure wear can become boring if you've been working from home for a long time. We recommend mixing it up with a few higher-end pieces and pairing them with basics, adding accessories, fun makeup, and even elevated footwear along the way.  


If you've been searching for ways to spruce up your existing collection of cozy clothing, you can't go wrong by starting with small additions that will make a subtle difference. When you shop the extensive collections at Pizazz Boutique, you're sure to find something you love that will make your loungewear pop.  

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