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Comfort Makes a Comeback!

This Year's 'Luxe Loungewear' Trend!

Indigo Parrish-Wood
Writer, stylist and advocate for living a wondrous life, passionately. 

Welcome to Winter, we hope you enjoy your stay! Boil the kettle or pour yourself another warming glass of red...after all, it is the weather for it! Regardless of whether you're loving the Winter chill or hanging out for the Summer sun to make its blazing return there's no avoiding the need to rug up.

Pizazz Boutique - Sat + Sun - Zebra Print Long Sleeve Top - Khaki and Black

But just because its officially #sweaterweather it shouldn't mean you're doomed to an endless darkness filled with daggy dungarees, dated jumpers and trend-less tracksuit pants! 

Winter 2019 has seen the rise of what we like* (*read: LOVE) to call 'Luxe Loungewear'! Now ladies, we've all dreamed of being able to get up from a day old couch coma, duck to the shops for a refill on chocolate and not have to walk in looking like you've been binge watching 'Golden Girls' since Thursday last week....well, that's exactly what 'Luxe Loungewear' is for! 

Ah, finally! The fashion revolution we've all been waiting for!

THREADZ - Heeding the call for a range of relaxed fashion that oozes comfort and quality without compromising on style, Threadz have brought to life the ultimate 'Luxe Loungewear' range that Pizazz Boutique has fallen in love with! 

The 'Print Pocket Cargo Pants' are the poster piece for everything that 'Luxe Loungewear' represents; a comfort oriented track pant with a touch of Pizazz in the sequin pocket! Oh yes, from the couch to the coffee shop - these cover it all! 

Threadz - Print Pocket Cargo Pants - Silver Grey - Pizazz Boutique
Hammill + Co Collection - Pizazz Boutique


Wrap yourself in a 'Luxe Loungewear' range that dares to revisit the age of vintage. Giving 'retro' a modern twist, Hammill + Co created these Retro Velour Sweatshirts to be warm, relaxed, plush to touch and absolutely overflowing with attitude! Soaking up the vibe, Pizazz Boutique jumped on board proving that keeping comfortable and looking sleek don't have to be mutually exclusive!

3rd Story - Willow Long Sleeve Tee - Indigo - Pizazz Boutique

Asymmetric hemline putting the 'lux' in luxurious! The ultimate classy & comfortable top!

Spice Up - Escape Pants - Leopard Print - Pizazz Boutique

Embrace your wild side with these Leopard Print pants - Luxe Loungewear, alright!

Brave + True - Marcello Cape - Black - Pizazz Boutique

All the comfort and warmth of a blanket with the poise and Pizazz of a luxury lifestyle!

With a Winter Wonderland of 'Luxe Loungewear' at your fingertips (in store AND online) thanks to Pizazz Boutique you can go through this chilly season, and all the rest to come, knowing that you can keep comfortable and look damn good while you do it!! For an affordable wardrobe of designer boutique pieces that express your style and personality indulge in the world of Pizazz Boutique - hand pick your favourite pieces through their website and have an expertly wrapped boutique bundle of love delivered to your doorstep! 

- Add a touch of Pizazz to your life. -

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