How to be YOU brave + true

How to be YOU brave + true


When embarking on a path of self-expression in a world so filled with overwhelming and endless choices, it is vital to stay Brave + True to who you are… 

That crucial notion is the driving source of passion behind the stunning (and appropriately named) brand Brave + True.

Pizazz Boutique, having built their own world around their belief that fashion is art and should express and honour the personality of the wearer, fell into unconditional love at first sight with Brave + True the label; their designs, their beliefs and their shared passion for both the individual and fashion. 

Pizazz Boutique and Brave + True have long now worshipped the diversity of what makes our women of the world so unique and almighty, reflecting this though their choice of contemporary colours, modern silhouettes and streamline fabrics.

Both Boutique and Brand strive to remind you that each day when you wake up and the world once again becomes your oyster you have a thousand different ways to seize the day; one of them being your wardrobe! The clothes you fall in love with should help express what you are thinking without you needing to talk! For Brave + True, each garment they design tells a story of both exploration and adventure. Knowing that accessories such as belts and bags often speak the loudest, Brave + True don’t just indulge in fashion but also the finishing pieces!

Specialising in not just single pieces but complete cohesive outfits, Pizazz Boutique has it all from Brave + true dresses to scarfs, jumpers to hats…!

Available both in store and online, Pizazz Boutique offers women all around the world a slice of Brave + True that will honour not only thier love for fashion, but their love for life too!

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