Your Ultimate Guide To Womens Tops By Body Type

Your Ultimate Guide To Womens Tops By Body Type

Shopping for women's shirts and tops is an occasionally frustrating endeavor, as different manufacturing guidelines create inconsistency between brands, sizes, and the way clothing fits. Trendy tops that fit well can be challenging to find and may fall on your body type differently than you hoped.  


While we firmly believe that you should wear whatever you're comfortable in, this brief but comprehensive guide to women's tops by body type can provide a starting point for many women. It's not about what you should wear but more about highlighting the cuts, fabrics, and designs that look great on specific shapes, which might make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable! 


Finding the Right Top for Your Shape 


We will always encourage you to dress in a way that makes you happy. While there are no rules to perfect tops for women over 50 or shirts reserved explicitly for those in their 20s, these are loose terms of guidance we can utilize to get you a step closer to the tops you want to wear.  

Body Shape: Apple 

Your body is apple (or oval) shaped if your upper body is heavier than your lower body. Many women with this body type have broader shoulders and a substantial bust line, so it can make them feel like weight gathers in that area.  


Since there's more weight distribution above the hips, the midriff can appear heavier. In this case, there are ways to pull the attention away from that area. Empire or A-line cuts are perfect, and prints can shift the eye's focus 


Flowy ladies' tops are ideal here, and you can pair them with flared or wide-leg pants to strike a balance. Choose open, draped cardigans that aren't too clingy and anything that ends below the hipline to add length to the body.  




Body Shape: Hourglass 

The hourglass body shape is relatively well-balanced, with the top and bottom halves proportionate. A well-defined waistline may be part of this figure, but it's not required. From afar, it might seem easy to dress an hourglass figure, but some women struggle to find a women's blouse that suits their curves.  


Tops that cinch at the waist make a great fit, and A-line tops will also look beautiful. Belted, cropped, form-fitting jackets in any fabric sit nicely on this shape, and all tops can end just above the hipline.  




Body Shape: Pear 

Anyone with a pear-shaped body tends to carry more weight in the lower part of the body, creating a visual that suggests your lower body is more significant than the top. You can achieve this figure naturally or through booty-boosting workouts.  


However your figure came to be, you can take advantage of it by embracing your lower body, and yes, you can do with tops. Crop tops or v-necks look stunning on this body type, and you can easily pair them with wide-legged pants and A-line skirts.   


If you love shoulder pads, bring them out of the 80s and into the now because a jacket with padding over a tank top on a pear-shaped body is just gorgeous!  




Body Shape: Rectangle 

A rectangle body shape is the definition of body balance, from your shoulders down to your hips. You'll notice that your silhouette is relatively undefined, but you can undoubtedly create that desired definition through clothing.  


When it comes to the rectangle body shape, your arms and legs are super easy to enhance. Ruffled or layered tops with A-line skirts work perfectly here, boosting and minimizing where necessary.  


Strapless and sleeveless tops paired with long jackets or blazers can bring a bit of drama and a whole lot of fashion to your daily look. Generally, you should dress how you're comfortable, but these tips will give you a waist and amp up your assets! 




Body Shape: Inverted Triangle 

If you have an inverted triangle body type, you have likely heard that you look "athletic", whether you are or are not actually athletic. Typically, this body type boasts broader shoulders than hips, which can occasionally cause frustration when dressing.  


Adding a little definition to your hips is an excellent way to strike a balance. Straight-cut jeans are all the rage for this particular body shape, and you can narrow your shoulders a bit with light colours, flowy fabrics, little details, and prints. You should adore your shoulders, so don't focus too much on making them smaller. Instead, create a balance.  


Because your hips are narrower than your shoulders, skinny jeans with pretty much any elegant women's tops will look fantastic. Your upper body is already defined and doesn't need too much layering, so stick to graceful v-neck lines and patterns that pop 






Focusing on Feeling 

In many cases, you'll come across a top you love that doesn't fit the "guidelines" of what you should wear for your body shape. Fashion is such a personal form of self-expression that we can't help but encourage you to purchase what you feel comfortable wearing. You have to wear it, so whatever it is, it should make you feel fresh, free, and excited to step out for the day.  


On the other hand, we also think it’s just fine for you to "hide" whichever parts of your figure you don't feel comfortable showing, from collarbones to midriffs; everyone draws a line somewhere. We aim to ensure you have a starting point concerning your body type, but you should branch out, discovering new trends, styles, and fits along the way.  


Pressure-Free Shopping 

Pizazz Boutique offers stress and pressure-free online shopping, so you can pick up a few tops that traditionally suit your body type and some that don't. If you feel drawn to a women's blouse or top out of your comfort zone, try it! We offer dozens of styles; each one meant to fit everyone differently, as no two bodies are exactly the same, regardless of shape.  


Shop our extensive collection today, and find something that makes your heart (and body) happy!  

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