2019 - The Year of COLOUR!

2019 - The Year of COLOUR!

The Year of Colour !

Welcome to 2019 where colour is the new monochrome! With such bright, powerful and innovative use of colour the ‘little black dress’ is no longer the only way to radiate a fierce and fun loving presence on a night out. 

It has been an absolute whirlwind of a fashion revolution that has swept across the world over the past decade, with 2010 being heavily neutral, stopping off in the 80’s silhouette revival during 2015, the big time return of bold accessories in 2018 and now a complete reinvention of the way we use colour to express ourselves in 2019! Where once upon a time it was all about red lips, big hair and a black and white wardrobe, the year of the Pig is flipping the coin and letting the fashion do the overstating and giving your natural beauty the moment in the spotlight it deserves! Sleek hair, subtle makeup with a nude lip and a loud outfit- we’re LOVING it!

Pizazz Boutique hand picks its feminine and uniquely phenomenal pieces based on quality, fit and the ways in which they will pay absolute homage to the beauty of the inspiring women who choose to add a touch of Pizazz to their life. This year we are seeing brands such as Foil, Joseph Ribkoff, Rubyyaya and Adrift vamp up their use of never before seen prints in colour-ways so revolutionary they will change the way you picture your ideal aesthetic!

Iconic Canadian evening wear label Joseph Ribkoff have aimed to ease the use of wonderful colour into your wardrobe by elevating your classic black pieces with rich and detailed florals! The ‘Pixie Pants’ are available in store and online through Pizazz Boutique and are guaranteed to take their place as a timeless and well-loved addition to your multi-seasonal wardrobe!

Joseph Ribkoff Pants

2019 invites you to time-travel and embrace the vibrant and carefree aura of the 60’s through Rubyyaya and their modern take on the flare sleeved hippie styled tunic top! Forget every rule you’ve ever heard about blue and green not being seen together, or purple and orange being an unruly combo…the ‘Orienta Shirt’ throws all the very best bright colours into a cocktail shaker and pours a psychedelic concoction of florals, pattern work, beading and pure brilliance! This Woodstock inspired winner is available in store and online through Pizazz Boutique and comes in an alternative print as well!

 Rubyyaya Orienta Shirt

Now - *drum roll, please* - for all the women throughout the world who have a love affair with buying more dresses than one wardrobe could possibly need- 2019 is your year! Foil, Adrift and Naudic have jumped on the bandwagon of magic when it comes to juicy colour and embracing the vibrancy of femininity! Ladies you’ve got it all…frills, florals, embroidery, exclusive prints…all of them working together to worship your ethereal natural beauty through COLOUR!

The Foil ‘Liquid Linen Cape Dress’ in Watermelon is a juicy addition to your luscious linens, the Adrift ‘Papita’ and ‘Rita’ dresses have attitude and unparalleled uniqueness, while the Naudic ‘Hacienda’ dress brings a pop of colour to your heavenly crisp whites!

Foil Linen Liquid Cape Dress - Watermelon       

You should have no fear or hesitation when it comes to embracing and radiating your unique femininity- and with the uprising of colour that has taken 2019 by storm there has never been a more wondrous time to seize the spotlight!

To add a touch of Pizazz to your life and a slice of colour to your wardrobe pop on over to www.pizazzboutique.com.au , visit us in store or call us on (02) 4984 4177 – our in house stylists are available to help in person, over email or via phone call!

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