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      Naudic Clothing

      Naudic celebrates the spectacular collision of colour and cultural prints, with inspiration drawn from India, Morocco, Mexico and Brazil. Naudic Clothing is a collection for the girl who chases the sun across the globe on the hunt for new adventures and an endless summer. Wearing Naudic fashion your Wanderlust will flourish and thrive!

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      Feel inspired and dare to be bold with the bohemian fashion from Naudic clothing. With a spectacular collision of cultural prints and vibrant colours, you can brighten up your style for every season of the year. Enjoy strolling on the beach with a floating Naudic dress, get ready for a fun night out with a stylish skirt, or relax at home in their beautiful tunic and tank tops. Whatever the occasion, Naudic clothing always brings something fun and colourful. Shop today to enliven your wardrobe this season.

      When you wear Naudic’s colourful combinations, it feels like summer all year round. These lightweight, loose-fitting clothes are ideal travel companions for those looking to holiday abroad. Alternatively, you can connect with your inner wanderlust when wearing them at home, evoking exotic locations and spring fashion. Naudic’s clothing line is notable for its intricate embroidery and stunning prints, making them true showstoppers.

      Founded in Australia, inspired by the world

      Founded in 2008, Naudic is an Australian designed clothing label aiming to make women’s fashion playful and brave. The label’s creator, Emma Puttick, was originally a scientist in the UK before pursuing her flair for fashion. Puttick drew inspiration from her worldwide travels, including South-East Asia, India, London, and Sweden, creating a unique look encompassing numerous cultures and patterns. Today, fashionistas can see Puttick’s designs across the USA, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, making Naudic an international clothing line with global appeal.

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