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Breast Cancer Golf Day!

Breast Cancer Golf Day!

“In the Pink” Golf Fun Day!

With the sun shining brightly and the residing wildlife out to support them, the ladies of the Tomaree Breast Cancer Support Group spent the last weekend of March revisiting the flare of the Roaring 20s for their Annual Golf Fun Day; a major fund raising event held to raise awareness and make a difference in the lives of those effected by breast cancer.

 Each year Pizazz Boutique takes pride in stepping forward and joining the community in sponsoring those women uniting to change the lives of those who need a friendly hand in their time of struggle.

 The ladies of Pizazz share a common passion with their fellow women of the world in wanting to see an end to this disease that has almost certainly touched either a loved one, friend, colleague or neighbour of everyone in one way or another.

 Pizazz Boutique is tremendously proud of being able to get behind the Tomaree Breast Cancer Support Group each year and contribute to the selfless work that they do in order to make an inspiring difference within the community.

 Alongside a fantastic day jam packed with flapper dresses, feather boas, beads and golf balls the “in The Pink” Gold Fun Day raised over $10,000 in the name of breast cancer support; a tremendous effort that Pizazz Boutique feels blessed to have contributed to.

 Adding a cherry to the top of an already humbling experience, the fantastic ladies who played a great game of golf for an even greater cause added a touch of Pizazz to the lives of the Pizazz Family by sharing fabulous photos of their tee-rific day!


Tomaree Breast Cancer Support Group - Fund Raising Day      Tomaree Breast Cancer Support Group - Fund Raising